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"Vending machine industry, very good, but very difficult!" Continuous innovation to maintain growth in the industry is the most important guarantee

China Chain Store & Franchise Association recently issued the "2014 Annual Industry Development Survey" results, the survey showed, with the vending machine format closest convenience store sales growing rapidly, the countrys top 55 convenience store Number of stores increased 7.8%. Comparable data from the convenience store business point of view, corporate sales growth of 17.7%, higher than the hundred sales increase of 12.6 percent, the highest increase in sales in all formats. Forecast data from China over the same period the vending industry networks also show that this year the domestic vending machine industry size and value will continue to maintain double-digit growth trend, growth rate will reach 35%, far higher than the traditional department stores and supermarkets so we have reason to be able to say that the future prospects of the vending machine industry is predictable good. But the vending machine industry, but it is difficult, the future still need all enterprises within the industry more effort.

The past two years is the fastest changing vending machine market two years, suffered a lot of opportunities, domestic vending machine market is also facing more challenges, such as:

(1) models of single, single category of goods sold, the main market is still the main beverage machines, small food supplement;

(2) to maintain a low number of vending machines, vending machine sales volume is not high proportion of total retail sales in the medium and long term on the brink position;

(3) labor, rent cost point quickly pushed the original business model bottlenecks;

(4) asset-heavy industries, the development by the accumulation, lack of capital to promote the industry;

(5) business model is relatively simple;

(6) industry talent shortage, restricting the further development of the industry.

So many challenges ahead, continue to maintain innovation will be the most important to protect the industry healthy and rapid development. Only by maintaining constant innovation, we can develop further.

1, innovation should be based on consumer demand.

The current mainstream consumer groups after 80, 90 with their parents who are essentially different, and this is the growth in the information age generation, the same service that they have higher requirements. In this case, both the equipment manufacturers or operators are required to dig their needs to launch products and services, enterprises should have a sense of crisis, there must be innovation, even in a time in this industry fought for many years, we still have to keep a clear consciousness. The past five years, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and even "collapsed and the example of the" tell us that consumers are not based on innovative business eventually to failure.

2, innovation should be diversified, multi-level, multi-dimensional.

Todays vending industry is facing market situation is complicated, external trade, but also within the industry, there is the macro environment, we are more internal, form of products, to the service mode, from the consumer relationship building to design a business model, innovation is not only to diversify, but also to multi-level, multi-dimensional, a point or a point of view of innovation is the enterprise can not not save the industry, we need more points, more faces, more people involved. It has a width with depth, is the real way of the development of the industry.

3, to encourage innovation, to try, to dare to invest.

Any one enterprise or industry enabling innovation should be encouraged, whether corporate or individual, as long as there are new ideas, new ways, we must dare to try, the strength of enterprises or individuals to dare to invest more actively embark on a not the same way. The past two years, adult machines, lunch machine market the rapid development of profound case tells us that only dare to think, can develop. Of course, this is not dare to just by a cavity blood, but also to deliberate.

4, to focus on innovation and efficiency, but also pay attention to the "efficiency."

Many times for innovative businesses and individuals is an idea that many business executives or individuals often said that I have also had the idea, but unfortunately I was not done because of any reason. Information society is a society pay attention to efficiency, changes in the market is constantly changing, so innovation is also a limitation. A good idea only if you think of today, but tomorrow there is a bunch of people think. In this case, the efficiency is particularly important. Moreover, innovation should be more concerned about "efficiency", innovative fundamental purpose is to enhance the efficiency, whether internal or external. An innovative assessment is not a good innovation, if we look at this innovation can be more efficient to create value for customers, creating value for the enterprise. Not for efficient innovation while ignoring the underlying "core efficiency," innovation is invested.

5, the ultimate purpose of innovation is to win, not competition.

Our innovation in equipment when the aim must be a win-win situation, not competition. Influence of Internet on various industries today is profound, it is the same for the vending industry. Today there are a lot of companies understand the Internet, and made a lot of innovative services based on their business characteristics, a lot of companies often intentionally or unintentionally, will compete as an innovative purposes, I want to defeat anyone, I want the annexation of who I boss to do, the idea that companies tend to make the starting point away from the nature of the business. Innovation to seek common ground, need tolerance, requires tolerance, need more symbiotic need to coexist, the vending industry, especially todays needs, because the industry is still small, the need for more solidarity and care, and therefore innovation, every company should think What is your goal?

Todays industry is still hope and challenges. What is the future? Is not that what people come out today, even with the stuff, or do something, the more we can keep it maintained and kept things right. Willing to trade well! I would also like to be able to sharing big responsibility!

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