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Peng Yi Chun Feng vending machine full support Alipay

Traditional vending machines can also be non-intelligent machines as smart as multimedia support for non-cash payments
Let vending machines to support non-cash payment, which is a hot topic in recent years. Undoubtedly, the benefits to be paid from the sale of the mobile industry has brought are enormous:
01. Money management cost carriers significantly reduced, reducing leaking;
02. Consumers use vending machines more convenient, with a cell phone as long as you can pay anywhere;
03. operators can understand and grasp the consumer information to a certain extent, and the analysis and optimization of operations performed.
In the past few years, mobile payment market after a fierce competition, the current form Alipay and micro-channel pay as leader, flash CUP pay, pay-wing, Baidu wallet, dozens of third-party payment platform flourishing pattern.
Intelligent vending machine because they have industrial control systems, software support for non-cash way easier. However, most older models want this feature, you have to develop and deploy dedicated hardware module.
As China intelligent vending machine R & D, production, sales leader, Yi Chun Peng Feng has long been famous EV77X6 series multimedia smart models supported (support) (micro) two mainstream mobile payment, and set aside more mobile payments upgrade interface functions.
Recently, through the actual experience in the smart machine, Chun Peng Yi Feng engineers have successfully developed a vending machine to pay for the traditional non-cash upgrade module, the module now has been able to perfect support Alipay payment and micro-letters.
With immediate effect, Peng Yi Chun Fungs model Jieke upgrade installation upgrade mobile payment module, details of the consultation please call 4009910991.

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