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Tile wielding thief, Vending Machines security worries
Self convenience store sales fast small investment returns in recent years have appeared in many regions and commodities, but because no one in the field Kandian, so it caused a coveted social poor people.

A few days ago, there is a convenience store from the sale to capture the thief with tile slap vending machines want to destroy the machine after stealing merchandise monitor screen. Fortunately, the stores vending machine and reliable quality, the thieves failed to undermine the success of the last bitterly away.

The understanding of this adult products from retail store uses Fujian Chun Peng Yi Feng Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd. grid counters self-service convenience store group sets machine.

Peng Yi Chun Feng lattice machine mainly three ways to anti-smashing anti-theft:
1. On the structure of energy absorbing design, each lattice door machine suffered smashing force can be dispersed through the body sheet metal structure quickly throughout the body, acting on the lattice door of the pressure is reduced;
2. The use of PC materials to produce lattice doors, which greatly increases the strength and fire retardant properties of the door;
3. The use of high-quality locks tamper earthquake.

The above measures, adequate protection of Chun Feng Yi Peng Tto vending machine safety. Rui made general manager said proudly, Peng Yi Chun Feng lattice machine is not only safe, but also very low maintenance costs burglar anti-smashing, compared with traditional spring shipping vending machines, if all smashed up, it is for a lattice doors cheap or expensive for a large glass door, which is straightforward.

Peng Yi Chun Feng in China is the first production of door vending machines (referred to as the lattice machine), the project originated in Chinas largest vending machine operators Insurance Group of Friends of traditional vending machine mount deputy cabinet projects supporting later gradually developed into a group package can be used independently of the machine.

Peng Yi Feng Chun set of doors vending machines group includes several models of the combination of the following:
1. Control Unit, Model EV7710, a control unit can Trailed N Taichung Taiwan grid cabinet, to help businesses achieve their low-cost business expansion;
2.36 grid cabinet
3.64 grid cabinet
4.88 grid cabinet
5.17 grid cabinet

As Chinas leading self-service vending equipment cabinet grid solutions provider, Peng Yi Chun Feng also for entrepreneurs to provide heat insulation [, 36] and [chilled preservation, 32] function of the model, is currently the only that can meet the needs of enterprises.
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