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Multimedia Combo Snack Vending Machines
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1. Introduction

The models are equipped with 23.6-inch high-definition LCD screen, with powerful multimedia playback capabilities;
Key optional way, the sale of goods and the corresponding button eleven shopping simple and convenient;
It enables wireless and wired networking, remote management background, operation and management of large-scale operators to meet the requirements;
Cash payment system payment system can receive notes, coins and give change. Sonic support Taobao Alipay payment, micro-channel payment online payment, credit card payment CUP optional.
Indoor models, avoid direct sunlight and rain poured straight the venue.

2. Features
Using push spring shipping method, applied to conventional packaged food and beverage sales. Applicable to ordinary sale of beverages packaged beverage cans, 550ml plastic bottled drinks, and Tetra Pak beverage; food can be sold as bread, biscuits, potato chips and other packaged foods, small cup noodles, cigarettes.
Half of the main entrance on the configuration definition LCD screen for playing the ad, the lower half of the keys to buy area.
Wireless / wired networking, cloud service background, help clients achieve easy background management; remote management can quickly change the image of goods, price-setting, advertising content delivery, sales amount, sales status queries for operators to achieve efficient cluster management.
Built-in infrared ship detection devices to ensure the success of human-computer trading operations, improve product performance;
With power-down protection and memory function, unexpected power failure, still shows the state before the power failure after boot;
MDB & RS232 two interfaces compatible format, widely adapted to the international and domestic applications.
Machine cooling, refrigeration system using R134a refrigerant, in line with international environmental protection requirements. Refrigerator temperature can be set, the minimum temperature to 3-5 ℃;
With leakage protection, ensure the safe use of the machine;

3. System Configuration


4. 技术参数

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