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Fujian Junpeng Easivend Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.
.Address: No. 24, Juyuanzhou Industrial Zone,Jinshan,  Fuzhou,China
Mail: shalalin@easivend.com,  shala@easivend.net
Phone: +86 591-83724684
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2016 New Year Message
New Year Message

Dear friends, the vending industry:

On the occasion of the age of sequence change,
Golden Monkey on the occasion of New Year.
Fujian Chun Peng Yi Feng Commercial Equipment Co.,
Extend festive greetings to you,
And New Years blessing,
To all concerned to support friends Chun Peng Yi Feng career development,
To express my heartfelt thanks.

Years is not home,
In the past year,
Peng Yi Chun Feng always carry out,
"Customer first, service-oriented, innovative" ideas,
Market performance was a historic breakthrough,
Enterprise and on a new level.

Head into the 2016,
Peng Yi Chun Feng to glory
For the construction and development industry, from the sale
Write a new chapter.
Fujian Junpeng Easivend Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.
Service Hotline:400-9910-991 Contacts:Fujian Easivend
ADD:2/F, No. 24, Juyuanzhou Industrial Zone, Jinshan, Fuzhou, China E-mail:shalalin@easivend.com.cn