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Tile wielding thief, Vending Machines security worries
This hotel in the cable car up the mountain Gushan buffet starting at a convenience store, offers visitors drinks, snacks and other small commodities self-purchase service, greatly facilitate peoples emergency needs.

Use in vending machines to tourist attractions for tourists, and its main role is threefold:
01. vending machine can save a lot of labor costs;
02. Emergency tourists buy goods more convenient;
03. resorts can stabilize prices.

It is reported that the self-service convenience store, self vending machines by the Fujian Chun Peng Yi Feng Commercial Equipment Co.

Chun Peng Yi Feng in the tourist resort selling self-service areas already have a wealth of experience in equipment and services, such as well-known Chinese 5A scenic Jiuzhaigou vending machines on all they offer.

As early as 2012, Peng Yi Chun Feng became the main supplier of Chinas largest vending operators Insurance Group of Friends of comprehensive food and beverage vending machines, vending machines and a plaid cabinet sole supplier in the fierce competition.

In addition to providing equipment and services for the Friends of the Po and other Chinese mainstream vending operators, Peng Yi Chun Feng also went adult supplies and other fields, to provide people with more entrepreneurial solutions from the sale of items.
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