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Wall Mounted Small Vending Machines
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EV9521 Box Vending Machine


Product Name

Box vending machine

Item No.


Suitable Products

Some small boxes packed products e.g. packed batteries, films, cigarettes,sanitary napkin and condoms

Products Capacity

4 selections, about 118pcs ( depending on product size)

Acceptable Bills

1-5 denominations

Accepted Coins

1 denomination or multi denominations, most coins in the world (Pls contact with us to confirm your coin is workable with our machine)

Coin/Bill Capacity

Coin:400pcs         Bill:300pcs

Dispensed Speed

Less than 3 seconds 

Columns (depends your product size)

3---6columns (our standard machine has four columns)

Product Size



Machine size:750mm(H)*488mm (W)*255mm(D)       
Packed size:790mm(H)*548mm (W)*315mm(D)


AC100~260V, 50/60Hz, 20W when standing by, 40W when working

Payment System

Bill, coin and coin change return


Wall mounted



(1) Vending cigarette, paper towels, condoms, sanitary napkins, batteries, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfume, chewing gum, soap and other boxed products.
(2) Accepting paper money or coins, and provide a coin change system.
(3) With the management function of intelligent data query, statistics, accounting, self-checking
(4) For sale 4 kinds of commodities, the price can be set arbitrarily
(5) Wall-mounted
(6) Compact size with high volum coin&bill storage
(7) Proprietary technology based coin dispenser provides fast, accurate & reliable coin dispensing performance
(8) Easy to use automatic accepted-dispense operating
(9) Cordless and easy to install


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